El Patio Teatro

Non verbal / Theatre of objects and puppets / +8 years old and adults

there was a village…

ONCE there was a woman…

ONCE there was a story…

ONCE is a play without words that speaks about love, loss, loneliness, memory and roots. Once is a tribute to the villages, to the rural world and those who live in it.

EL PATIO dive into the deepness of an unreachable and vague rural memory. The one that is nearly forgotten, forced to lie under the water of the reservoirs. Stories sleeping under the water, in places that once were forest, grass, crops, a school.

The life of a woman and her sinking. A woman that refuses to abandon her world, now reduced to a small stone island.
Her story is that of many who once had to say good bye to the place that was home.

Some fabrics, a house, our hands and our hearts at play with humor and love to try and submerge in a story that truly moves us.