Eilertsen & Granados / Lamatracataca




Voice over / Theatre of puppets / +5 years old

Two characters come from far away following the destiny red string to the place where monsters are hidden. We realize that sometimes that place is much nearer that we thought. It ends being just our own imagination. If we dare to face our fears, our monsters, amazing things will happen to us. Amazing things that bond us to other people.

Far Away is an objects, puppets and video performance builded around the Japanese legend of the red thread of destiny. A visual approach, which brings back the tranquility of other landscapes and other times.

The show is a production of Eilertsen & Granados Teaterkompani, Norwegian company based in Stamsund, which work is based on physical theater and the connection of performing arts with music and theater, in collaboration with Lamatracataca, a Spanish-Argentine company that unites audiovisual elements with puppets and objects.

The show was created at E & G Teater, located in the Arctic Circle (Stamsund, Norway), with the the support of Støttet av FFUK, Nordland Fylkeand Vestvågøy Kommune and Norsk Kulturråd. Artistic Residence at TOPIC (Tolosa Puppets International Center).

(...) a very careful, ambitious and simple at the same time piece -always the most difficult-, a performance far from the standard rhythms and the high speeds ... A sophisticated and sensitive work.
Toni Rumbau, Titeresante 28/11/2017