Ponten Pie



Non verbal / Visual theatre / +2 years old

is a non verbal and unconventional show of theatre of objects, created for an audience between 2 and 5 years old.
Loo is a hot, dry wind from Asia that comes alive on summer afternoons. The show is a poetic exploration of the changes this wind can cause: moving the desert sand dunes, drying up wetlands and jungles, leaving ships buried in sandy oceans, unable to sail.

Set around the bow of a sunken boat in a sea of sand, the show uses evocative music, buried objects and stunning visual effects, to give its audience a first-hand experience of the destructive effect of this wind... And a chance to understand how and why the Loo blows.

LOO is the third show of the company, and it was commissioned by the "Festival El Més Petit De Tots", (Barcelona) which is devoted to audiences from 0 to 5.
The show continues the artistic style of the company specialized in visual and sensory proposals where performers and spectators share the same space.

In LOO babies, kids and parents can sit together around the scene, with proximity to the actress and objects. The capacity is limited to 100 people to ensure a good emotional impact of what would probably be younger kids' first experience in a theatre.

A spectacle without words, minimalist, poetic, of an extraordinary aesthetic beauty, with attention to the smallest details and played with great intensity."
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