Landscapes under construction

Dance, live music and sound performance for children from 5 years old and above

This is the story of an imaginary city, a possible city that welcomes all the cities of the world.

A nameless place that welcome us all.

A story to find inhabitants to share dreams, to travel through time and to listen to the languages of our world.

Many realities in the same urban continent.

Bodies traveling through col-lared architectures. So many extraordinary spaces to imagine.

A place without a name, for you to put your own.

CIUDADES II is a multi arts piece that uses live dance and music at the service of the installation where the sound universe and movement give nature to the piece.

Patricia Ruz together with Nacho Bilbao travel through and in-habit different sound, choreographic and visual spaces around the city.

Both, the voice as a poetic texture and the body offer multiple landscapes that travel through the installation, offering a contem-plative and musical experience.