La Mecànica




Physical, visual and object theater / +5 years / 60 minutes


La Mecànica presents a cheeky, fresh and energetic show, where a group of adults fight to be good models without losing their roles, before the logic and direct sincerity of the girls and boys.


Between objects and dance, physical theater and music, the invisible voices of the little ones appear to ask us with humor and poetry how it was that, one day, we adults stopped playing.


Born from a knee-high perspective - the children's point of view - Little Things quickly morphs into a dynamic and captivating show, for children and adults, with multiple readings, thus provoking an intergenerational dialogue.


The Little Things is the result of a path of investigation, reflection and creation on the space that exists between you, the adults and you, the boys and girls.


A show built from the experiences of the creators, and of some boys and girls who have wanted to make their voice visible.


We talk about ourselves, adults, how we see children, how we listen to them and how, observing them, we question what happened that one day, as adults, we stopped playing.


You boys and girls have the right to grow up knowing that your ideas matter and deserve to be heard.