Ponten Pie

Non verbal / Visual Theatre / +3 years old

I'm thirsty, my mouth is dry, I want water, I want to be a fish, I want to be water.


Bajau is a visual fantasy where through objects, body and, the research of the water element as another actor in the scene, takes place an internal dialogue in someone who asks himself about his origin as species, his environment and his body wishing to be something that has been denied to him.


The show goes through a brother and sister imagination and their will to be someone else, on how this desire becomes reality, through their belief in play, living the experience in an amazing way.


Why do we live in the ground if there is a liquid environment? What if Lamarck was right with his theories?


We would only need to live in the water in order to adapt to the environment and turn into an aquatic being. Mutating into another body.


In order to title this theatre experience we have chosen Bajau, the name of a Southeast Asian tribe that has adapted to live, at least for a long while, under water.


Bajau is a trip where the water versatility drives us into a new universe, a new environment, a place to find ourselves, our origins and what we really want to be.