Cia. Llum de Fideu

Site specific Street Theater / + 8 years old / 50 min.

Available in English, French, Spanish or Catalan.

For other languages, please ask the company. We live surrounded by people and other living beings. Why do we take into consideration some lives and we don’t do the same to others? Can we empathize with a bird, a fish or a tree? How can the attempt to put ourselves in their shoes could transform us?

SFUMATO is a poetic, immersive and itinerant reflection on the relationships we establish with other species in public space. A journey that seeks to blur our limits as humans, opening cracks through which new sympathies, care and solidarity can begin to circulate.

Press reviews

“Magic breaks logic and leaves a smile of disbelief and lucidity on the viewer. It allows us to imagine much more than any interactive screens game. […] Is it just a joke? Is it an attempt at visual poetry? It is an unusual theater that invites the audience to leave passive and comfort zone and that achieves it, through simplicity” Jordi Bordes –

" Itinerant shows do not consist of simply moving the audience from one place to another. Llum de Fideu knows how to visually create very powerful images and take full advantage of each location." Oriol Puig Taulé – Nú



Nominated on New-Voice category (Critics' Awards, Catalonia, Spain, 2022)

Breakout artist Award - "Compagnie Découverte" (Festival de rue de Ramonville, France, 2023)