Toti Toronell


Multidisciplinary show / All audiences / Show with own enclosure / Capacity: 55 pax

Pili, don't you find it great? Have you seen how your mouth is full of L's? Libèlulla.

In a little fair theatre, Pili's husband has to play all the roles, and, accidentally, he opens his entire particular and artisanal universe.

A universe that he has created with his own hands: automatons, puppets and humor are mixed in order to make sense of Libèlulla.

It is a tribute to Alexander Calder, who, without knowing it, has inspired part of this show.

Toti has built this little fairy theatre with his own hands, where every detail has the value of things made manually.

With a capacity of about fifty people, this theatre becomes the house of the artists, where he invites the spectator to enter and share with him his particular universe.