Javier Riera



Land Art interventions on public space


The work of Javier Riera is based in geometric shaped light projections, striked directly onto vegetation and landscape. He uses photography as a means for registration and spreading of the happening, without digital manipulation whatsoever. Thus, it's centered in an experience of real intervention onto "the space and time of the landscape", something that approximates him to the Land Art proposals.


The relation between geometry and nature in this work adquires a meditative character. Riera understands geometry as a natural language previous to matter, that expands its perception by reaching out towards qualities and dimensions that are hidden from the spaces in which it occurs.


The light projections that he creates are either static or have a slight and subtle movement, calling out for a certain meditative experience. They transform completely the space and they intervene as light sculptures or scenographies, generating a dialogue between nature, geometry and the spectator.

Javier Riera has a solid career as an artist focused in luminic interventions on nature. His work has been exhibited in several of the most important contemporary museums in Spain: the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum, the Niemeyer Center, among others.

In the specific area of landscape interventions (public spaces, parks, gardens) we can highlight the ones carried out in El Retiro Park and the Botanic Gardens during the Light Festival in Madrid, in the Turia Gardens of Valencia, in the SIGNAL Festival 2016 in Prague and in Annecy Passages in France.