Cia. Ortiga

Immersive and objects theatre / + 8 years old and adults / 60 min / under tent

An-Ki is an immersive theatrical experience, in a living space that invites the audience to discover every corner, every secret, where they not only listen and look, but also move, touch and feel.

An-Ki is a very old word from a dead language, but its meaning is still alive and is older than the word.

AN means Heaven, KI means Earth.

But what does An-Ki mean?

An-Ki is a story about the origin and destiny of humankind.

An-Ki is the voice of the Earth, the Seed, the Tree and the Fruit.

An-Ki is the memory of the world.

An-Ki is the imagination created by a girl, Adja, to cope with the reality of her world, where shadows of giants appear within the woods knocking down her dreams.

Adja and her family will look for their old roots and the hope of the future to confront the bleak existence they face.

An-Ki means Universe.