El Patio Teatro

Spanish Language / Visual theatre / Theatre of Objects and oral narration (Subtitles available) / +9 years old and adults


Where our body goes when they disappeared? What are we? What are we made of? What is a body?


El Patio Teatro exposes themselves to the interior of human body to try to explain through object theatre and narrative what it is that we have inside.


At an intimate anatomy class questions arise to unravel some of the mysteries of the human body. The outcome, a game, a brief anatomy lessons from El Patio Teatro.



Insides is a precious journey made with four hands and two voices through the interior of the human body. (...) with a sophisticated mastery of plastic arts, objects and visual language, always with grace, simplicity and extraordinary elegance; the result of the respect and the poetic skills with which they have approached the subject. (...) . A success that makes El Patio one of the most interesting and prodigious companies on Spain's creative scene.”

TONI RUMBAU - Puppeteer and writer - Putxinelli.cat


“In Entrañas (Insides), the game of contrasting the scientific, material, empirical, rational plane with the emotional plane, that of feelings, works perfectly. It works thanks to the fact that Fernández and Sáenz overcome the challenge of guiding the spectator on an apparently complex journey, which combines the two plans, with the artistic language we already know and which is creating a school.
DANI CHICANO - Journalist, Theatre critic - Escenafamiliar.cat