Ponten Pie



Non verbal / Objects and visual theatre / All audiences

is a non-conventional show, without text, where the theatrical experience becomes a sensitive adventure.

An old wooden shed holds a secret that will only be disclosed to those who get in.

In groups of eighteen and performances of approximately 50 minutes, the audience will be welcomed by curious characters, who will invite them to enter their home.

Each spectator will wear a warm coat to protect them from the cold (6ºC) inside the shed. Every day several coats arrive to this shed from different parts of the world.

They are all old and broken, thrown into the shed as if it was a rubbish container. After checking them thoroughly, the characters find the "soul thread" of every single coat.

With the help of a particular device, they can read the last story that the coat experienced before arriving to the shed.

Their last breath of life. In a mysterious way, the stories hidden behind the threads become alive in the shed.

A unique experience and a set that changes unexpectedly.

This is the place where the coldest stories evolve into the warmest memories of our lives. In front of our eyes, a window will open and will let us in a nostalgic and poetic world.