Cia. Javier Aranda

Non verbal / Hand Puppetry / +8 years old


Two hands and the universe of a sewing basket

Handmade articles have their own personality, hands as part of a being, as leading players, as special beings that create movement, emotion and life. A drifting basket, a trip… New life emerges from any corner, from any basket; valuable, singular and unique lives. VIDA (life) is a non verbal piece of theatre for an actor and objects, which tells us about the implacable and constant passage of time.

Characters of the story are born, grow up, reproduce and die before our eyes, which makes VIDA a metaphor of our own lives, always moving forward, without any chance to turn back. VIDA is a small format show recommended for ages of 7 and above and an ideal audience capacity of around 200 seats.

As the press says:

"Life" has tenderness, fun, emotion, intelligence, it has pace and a feeling of opportunity. Javier Aranda takes these elements and converts them into living matter on the stage... With "Life" he gives us a theatrical gem, in a small format but with great artistic stature. Essential.

***** Joaquín Melguizo, Heraldo de Aragón

A must for lovers of good shows and, of course, of the thousand year old popular art of puppets, a pleasure to remember.

***** Esteban Villarrocha, Titeresante