Eléctrico 28

Non verbal / All audiences / +3 years old

A funny and surprising fable about the coexistence between cultures.


In this diverse world, it is possible that those neighbors who seemed strange for us, are indeed much more like us than we thought, whatever they are and wherever they come from.


Full House is a show of physical theatre without text and live music that presents us through a contemporary fable the theme of coexistence, approached from the diversity of cultures and the need to share.


Four animals that live in the same community live unconnected to each other, until an unexpected event makes them see the similarities that unite them.


Eléctrico 28 is a collective of Catalan and Austrian artists who work on their shows with the aim of transforming the public space.


Natural and street settings give rise to theatrical forms that open the doors to many different ways of seeing and living life.


Humor and love are the main fuel of their creations.