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Non verbal / All audiences

Water Falls is the first show for outdoor spaces created by La Mecanica in coproduction with MIME PRAGUE.


Street theatre and physical performance meet in one proud comedian's dream show turned nightmare as the elements and the audience get involved, taking him from hero to zero in 35 minutes.

The work portrays the clash of two antagonic beings in a landscape formed by juggling buckets and water, and surrounded by the audience.


Dreaming of bouquets from buckets, troubles are doubled as he realises that gravity always wins, and that when you least want it to, water falls.

As the press says:

From the Balearic Islands comes La Mecànica with Water Falls in which a surreal duo that challenges each other with crazy juggling strokes with buckets full of water, recalling the delicacy of Charlie Chaplin and the clumsiness of Jerry Lewis. Mentelocale

It looked like a show built especially for the Mysterious Baths, where the water seemed to defy the force of gravity and was its master, between exercises of refined juggling, dips and splashes, and a use of the body characterized by great confidence and dexterity.

Ment in Fuga