A dance show for children / Running time 55' / +4 years old

What remains after a show when the applause dies down and the curtain falls? What is left once it's over and only a work light shines on? Who clears up and resets the props? What is an empty stage like? In LOOP the stage is a blank canvas. Theatre within a theatre. Dance within a dance.

LOOP is a love letter written by Aracaladanza to the stage machinery, in which dancers, machinists and electricians, together with curtains, spotlights, flight cases, backdrops, linoleum floors, stairs, carpets and mats, turn dance into a magical performance where the stage, its elements and those who work on it are the stars.

After the round of applause heard at the end of the show, spectators will be witnesses and accomplices in this imaginary adventure in which they too are part of the performance.

With a subtle sense of humor that permeates the entire show, the set design is the theatre space itself, where everything that happens ends up being discovered in such a way that the magic reveals its own tricks without ceasing to amaze.

Aracaladanza's trademark, speaking of the language, work and mysteries of the stage itself, once again turns LOOP into a visual performance, floating free like a dream, using images to build what is forever about to happen under the spotlight.

Produced by Aracaladanza Co-produced by Grec Festival Barcelona 2022
Partners: Diputación de Albacete and Teatro del Bosque (Madrid)