Non verbal / Dance and visual theatre / +4 years old

Let us rewind back to the last "episodes".

We uncover what inspired us and opened our eyes:
El Bosco + Magritte + Miró + Leonardo da Vinci

The titles are familiar:
Tiny Paradise + Clouds + Constellations + Flights

We could keep going further back in time, but let's not.
Let's stop. Let's go back to where we were. To the new production.Nothing to do with what's been done up until now. Or maybe it has?

Again we play, but this time letting our imagination run wild as the only source of inspiration that prompt joyful moments of fun.

Pure "Aracaladanza": apparent magical simplicity after the surprise following the smile fastened with an image and enjoyed under an amazing light also projected in a video and dressed in awe.

Arising from the simple game we all know and in which we all participate.

PLAY is a fresh new beginning for Aracalandanza without forgetting the experience of the past. Intended and staged for sheer joy. If you wish to surrender to it.